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30 Days to Financial Freedom is Free for Pastors

We want to help you succeed in life and ministry.

There really is such thing as a free lunch — 30 Days to Financial Freedom is free for pastors, no strings attached.

No matter who you are, you were made to live in freedom. And If you’re a pastor, you’re called to help other people find freedom too. At 30 Days to Financial Freedom, we take that calling seriously, and we want to be part of your success.

We created 30 Days to Financial Freedom to help people live in the freedom they were made for. In about 10 minutes a day, we help them build their budgets, start their savings, defeat their debt and fund their futures. We want to do the same for you… and we don’t want you to pay a thing for it.

If you work in ministry, you can be our guest in the Pastors Free program. This program gives you access to the complete 30 Days to Financial Freedom course, with all video lessons, digital workbook and our unique Budget Genius tool.

Normal prices for this package start at $125. But if you’re a pastor, we’re going to give it to you free. Why? Here are three reasons.

We want to bless you.

As a pastor, you’re used to taking care of the needs of others. But how often do others take care of you? Probably not often enough. We love what you do and recognize the sacrifices you make for your calling. So we offer the Pastors Free program to bless you. We want you to enjoy the life of financial freedom you were made for, and it’s our honor to come alongside you and help you get there.

We want to equip you.

You can’t help other people find freedom if you’re not living in freedom too. We believe that when pastors grow, their churches benefit. So we offer the Pastors Free program to equip you to better serve your church. The things you learn during 30 Days to Financial Freedom will change the way you think and the way you lead.

We want to inspire you.

Financial freedom isn’t just for wealthy people or super-spiritual people — it’s for everybody, including the people in your congregation. With the Pastors Free program, our hope is that you’ll be so inspired by the freedom you discover that you’ll want to tell other people about it too. In fact, if you love 30 Days to Financial Freedom, we’d be thrilled to help you bring it to your church. Our plans for small groups and church-wide subscriptions can help you do that at an incredible value.

Starting Your Free Plan

If you’re ready to try 30 Days to Financial Freedom for yourself, sign up for our Pastors Free program by filling out the registration form below. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to living the life you were made for.

Ready to begin your journey to freedom?

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