Financial Freedom for Churches

Change Your Church with 30 Days to Financial Freedom

We're revolutionizing financial freedom for churches.

You church was made to bring the message of freedom to the world. To do accomplish that mission, you need to bring financial freedom to your church.

Money problems can be the source of some of your biggest headaches, both in your own home and in your church. Financial issues cause people to worry, question their faith and fall short in their giving. And if your church members are struggling with money at home, chances are those challenges will show up in your corporate finances as well.

I believe God created every single person to live in complete freedom, and that includes freedom in their finances. That’s why I created 30 Days to Financial Freedom — to give people a clear and simple way to stat living the lives they were made for. This program changes people’s financial lives from the inside out in just 10 minutes a day. And when you bring 30 Days to Financial Freedom to your congregation, it will change your church too.

To help you do that, we have created a special version of our course for churches and other large organizations. With our Unlimited Subscription program, you can make 30 Days to Financial Freedom available to your entire congregation for one low price.

How can an Unlimited Subscription benefit your organization? Here are four ways 30 Days to Financial Freedom will change your church.

Increase in Your Giving

Generosity makes church happen, and 30 Days to Financial Freedom teaches people to become generous givers. Our program uses a heart-first approach to financial freedom, and we help people see that tithing and giving are an important part of changing their lives.

When your church members go through the course, their giving increases. In fact, the increase in giving you see as a result of 30 Days to Financial Freedom will far exceed the cost of your church’s subscription.

Freedom for Your Team

If your church is like most, the people on your staff earn less than they could in other professions. That makes smart money management critical for their families and for your organization, because if they’re having money problems at home, those issues follow them to work as well.

When your church subscribes to 30 Days to Financial Freedom, you can take your entire staff through the program. The freedom and focus they find will benefit their families and your organizational culture.

Opportunities for Your Groups

Small groups serve a critical function in the lives of many churches, and they also make excellent environments to start the journey to financial freedom. When you join our Unlimited Subscription program, you can bring 30 Days to Financial Freedom to any or all of your small groups.

Your existing group leaders can invite their members to join them in a 30 Day Freedom Group, and we’ll provide all the resources they need to facilitate discussion and track progress. You can also start new groups at any time at no additional cost. No more waiting for next semester or next year to offer a financial class —30 Days to Financial Freedom is ready when you are.

Options for your Onboarding

If your church is growing, your membership or next steps process is a great opportunity to introduce new members to financial freedom. With your Unlimited Subscription, you can offer 30 Days to Financial Freedom as a free onboarding tool to anyone who gets involved in your church.

Integrating 30 Days to Financial Freedom in your new member process establishes a baseline of freedom and generosity for your entire congregation. And it reduces the need for awkward sermons or conversations about money. We teach giving so you can focus on ministry.

Financial Freedom for Your Church

Want to try 30 Days to Financial Freedom? Try the entire course free of charge, to see for yourself how it works. Then when you’re ready, contact our team to set up your Unlimited Subscription. This investment in financial freedom for your church will pay off for your congregation for years to come.

Financial freedom can change the life of your church.

Ready to lead your church to freedom?

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