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One Month to Change Your Life

30 Days to Financial Freedom offers a path to a different future.

They say it takes 30 days to change a habit. But I say 30 days can change your financial life.

Pursuing financial freedom is a lifelong journey. But starting that journey doesn’t have to be long or difficult. In fact, you can begin making major changes in your life in as little as one month.

That’s the whole idea behind 30 Days to Financial Freedom.

Taking control of your financial life can seem difficult and intimidating. But like any journey, it’s really just a series of small, simple steps.

If you take one small step each day for 30 days, you will make dramatic progress toward living the life of freedom you were made for.

Think about some of the life accomplishments you’re most proud of. Whether it’s achieving an educational goal, finishing an important project at work, hitting a fitness milestone or even raising kids, your progress probably didn’t come from one or two monumental efforts. Instead, it came from taking a series of small, intentional steps, over and over, on a daily basis.

Making a change in your financial life works the same way. Taking big, drastic action to stop spending or start saving may seem smart, but most people can’t sustain these kinds of changes for very long.

Lasting financial freedom comes from building new habits. And the best way to do that is with a daily discipline.

In 30 Days to Financial Freedom, you spend about 10 minutes a day learning smart ways to handle your money. And each day, you take one simple step toward building your budget, starting your savings, defeating your debt and funding your future.

Other personal finance programs can take as long as three months. And they require students to attend weekly meetings and sit through lessons that last well over an hour. I get tired just thinking about that.

30 Days to Financial Freedom is different. There are no meetings and no long classes — just a series of short lessons and small steps to help you develop a lifestyle of freedom. With 10 minutes of study and one small application each day, you can establish habits that will last a lifetime.

It takes 30 days to start a habit. And the habits you start with 30 Days to Financial Freedom will empower you to live the life you were made for.

This could be the month that changes your financial life.

Ready to begin your journey to freedom?

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