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What Can Coaching Do For You?

Sometimes to win, you need to have a coach in your corner.

When you walk the road to financial freedom, you’re bound to face some giants along the way. Overcoming these big obstacles takes massive efforts, and you might need more help than normal. That’s where a financial freedom coach can be helpful.

At 30 Days to Financial Freedom, we believe everybody was made for freedom, and you can get there if you pursue it with you whole heart. Our program is designed to guide you on a journey to freedom through a series of simple lessons that take about 10 minutes a day.

These lessons are built to accommodate the unique aspects of your life. But sometimes a one-size-fits-all program isn’t enough. That’s why we have Freedom Coaches standing by to help you through really difficult parts of your journey.

Freedom Coaches are personal finance experts who share a passion for helping you live the financial life you were made for. They can answer your questions about the 30 Days program, help you fine-tune your budget and guide you through tricky financial situations. And most importantly, they can offer invaluable outside perspective and help you tackle the tough questions about your life that you may not be facing on your own.

Coaching is especially helpful for people in unique circumstances. Here are some signs that the investment in a financial freedom coach might be worthwhile for you.

You have inconsistent income.

If you work for commission, have irregular hours or a seasonal occupation, budgeting can be tricky. 30 Days to Financial Freedom has tools to help you plan around a variable income, but many students find it beneficial to walk through their unique cashflow situation with a coach. Our coaches have experience dealing with variable pay and can help you figure out how to plan for the ups and downs of your income in a smart, sustainable way.

You have uncommon expenses.

Our Budget Genius helps you account for all the common expenses that most people have and can even be customized to account for your unique needs. But if you have uncommon or extraordinary expenses — a child with special needs, adult dependents,  etc. — you may benefit from expert help. Our coaches can show you how to  navigate the challenges of your freedom journey, keeping your special priorities front and center.

You’re in a distressed situation.

Most people who start 30 Days to Financial Freedom have some debt and need some help sorting out their cash flow, and the program does a great job of helping students through those issues. But if you have extraordinary debt or are feeling desperate, a Freedom Coach can give you some hope and help you relieve today’s pressure so you can focus on your future.

You need accountability.

Walking the path to freedom requires a lot of discipline, and that comes more easily to some people than others. If self-discipline is a weak spot for you, working with a Freedom Coach can provide valuable accountability and encouragement to help you make progress toward financial freedom. Having a coach in your corner can keep you motivated and help you stay on track.

Our Financial Freedom Coaching Solution

When you join 30 Days to Financial Freedom’s Coaching Plus Plan, you get a personal freedom coach who will walk with you along your journey. You’ll have 30-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions every week during the monthlong program. You’ll also get monthly follow-up coaching sessions for two months after you finish the course lessons. And with unlimited coaching emails, you can reach out to your Freedom Coach with questions at any time.

You were made to live in freedom, and our coaches would be honored to help you get there.

Discover the difference a Freedom Coach can make.

Ready to begin your journey to freedom?

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